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Top-15 Most Expensive Stocks in India (June 2021) | Profile Traders

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Most people think TCS, Reliance, or HDFC are the expensive shares in India. There is no doubt that these are some of the big companies in terms of market capitalization, but these stocks don’t appear in the list of top-15 expensive shares in India.

Please note that a company’s valuation depends on both the ‘share price’ and ‘total number of shares.’ Hence share price alone doesn’t indicate the company’s wealth.

So, for example, a company with a share price of Rs.1,000 can still be an undervalued company compared to its peers.

Let us study the top-15 expensive shares in India, i.e., companies with the highest share price.

Top-15 Most Expensive (costliest) shares in India 2021

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1 – MRF

Market Capitalization – Rs. 35,354 Crore
Current Market Price (CMP) – Rs. 83,630
All-Time High Made – Rs. 98,600

Madras Rubber Factory (MRF) is the largest tire manufacturers in India, and it has the highest share pricing among all the listed stocks in India. It was founded by Mr. KM Mammen Mappilla in 1948, and one MRF share costs Rs.83,630 (as of 31st May 2021).

Interestingly MRF has never split its share since its inception.


Market Capitalization – Rs. 37,939 Crore
Current Market Price (CMP) – Rs. 42,846
All-Time High Made – Rs. 49,990

Honeywell Automation India Ltd (a part of Honeywell group, USA) is the second most expensive share in the Indian stock market. The current market price is Rs.42,846 (as of 31st May 2021).

It provides various products and services in the area of integrated automation, electronic components, and software solutions.


Market Capitalization – Rs. 34,969 Crore
Current Market Price (CMP) – Rs. 30,665
All-Time High Made – Rs. 32,460

Page Industries, also fondly known as “Jockey” which is the popular product of the company. It ranks in the third position among the expensive shares with the current market price of Rs.30,665 (as of 31st May 2021).


Market Capitalization – Rs. 99,782 Crore
Current Market Price (CMP) – Rs. 27,578
All-Time High Made – Rs. 32,050

Shree Cements is one of the leading cement-producing companies in India. It also produces power through ‘Shree Power’ and ‘Shree Mega Power’ in India.

Currently, it is ranked in the 4th position among the most expensive shares in India, with a share price of Rs.27,578 (as of 31st May 2021).

5 – 3M INDIA

Market Capitalization – Rs. 28,528 Crore
Current Market Price (CMP) – Rs. 25,536
All-Time High Made – Rs. 31,000

3M India is the subsidiary company of 3M United States of America. It produces many products in abrasive and adhesive categories. It sits in the 5th position of most expensive share with a current market price of Rs.25,536 (as of 31st May 2021).