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Top-8 Free Intraday Trading Tools 2023 Markets

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

Struggling intraday traders will spend TIME to save MONEY.

Successful intraday traders will spend MONEY to save TIME.

Do you know why?

Because one can always get MORE MONEY, but you can never get MORE TIME!

Top-8 Free Intraday & Options Trading Tools and Tips

But this world has many beautiful souls, and they offer their products (at least most of the features) for free users.

So, here are 8 freely available tools that help day traders to manage their intraday trades.

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1 - Gocharting

Gocharting is the first Indian web-based charting platform built by two traders for the trading community.

They are the first group in the world to build ‘web-based' Market Profile (TPO) charts. Besides, they also provide most of the charts (Japanese Candlestick, Kagi, Renko, and Point & Figure) and all the indicators for all the free users.

Image 1 – Market Profile Chart in Gocharting
Image 1 – Market Profile Chart in Gocharting

Market Profile is a technical concept with a unique charting technique developed by Peter Steidlmayer in 1985. It assists day traders in reading the current market trends as it unfolds.

It helps day traders to locate the footprints of the big players (called OTF – Other Time Frame participants in Market Profile) so that they opt for the trades in the direction of the big players.

Currently, any free users can access the market profile along with the volume profile for all the Indian indices and stocks.

Besides, many essential features are also available for free users. One such helpful for day traders is ‘Multiple Charts in One Window.’

Traders can access up to 4 charts in one window. It is highly beneficial when a trader has to monitor multiple charts for his trading setup.

Image 2 – Multiple charts in one window feature in Gocharting
Image 2 – Multiple charts in one window feature in Gocharting

For paid users, it offers Market Profile (tick) chart, a Volume Profile (tick) chart, and Order Flow charts, advanced tools for day trading.

One can get Open Interest (OI) data for free on the Gocharting platform by connecting with their broker.

You can check this Twitter Thread to know more about it.

You can also watch this video to learn more about it.

Tip 1 - Don't lose more than 10% of your capital on any trading day.

2 - NSE India Option Chain

Many day traders deal with options. There are two types of options trading:

  1. Options Buying

  2. Options Selling

Options buying is straightforward.

If a trader thinks that the security price will rise quickly, he can buy Call Options (CE) to make profits. However, time decay (Theta) works against buyers, i.e., the Call Options (CE) premium will fall along with the time even if the price stays at the same level.

Hence, many day traders try different Option Selling strategies. Short Straddle, Short Strangle, Short Butterfly, and Iron Condor are some of the popular options strategies.

In this case, option chain data is crucial. It helps traders check the liquidity, price, Implied Volatility (IV), and Open Interest (OI) details of each specific strike price option.

Image 3 – NSE India Option Chain
Image 3 – NSE India Option Chain

NSE India provides the option chain details in a beautiful format, as shown above. Most day traders use this information to manage their trades.

Tip 2 - Profit in intraday trading is inversely proportional to your ego.

3 - Ninja Trader

Ninja Trader is a powerful trading platform for day traders. It has many charting, analysis, and backtesting tools, which immensely help day traders.

It provides an efficient backtesting engine that allows day traders to evaluate their trading strategies. A wide range of educational materials is also available if a trader is unfamiliar with the Ninja platform.

Image 4 – Ninja Trader Chart
Image 4 – Ninja Trader Chart

After downloading the NinjaTrader platform, it is crucial to have the data source to access the charts.

A trader can use either static data for his backtesting or can access Free Forex Capital Markets (FXCM) data here.

For Indian Markets, traders should subscribe to any data vendors like Truedata or Accelpix to see the live market charts.

Tip 3 - Learn how to ride your profits. It is the most challenging task in day trading.

4 - Tradingview

Intraday traders have to access live future charts of indices or stocks to identify their setups and manage their trades.

Tradingview is the leading charting provider at the moment, and it provides clean, elegant charts for the Indian markets, even for free users.