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Stock Market Trading Online Courses in India 2022 (Beginners and Intermediate Level Traders)

Free Options Trading BUying and selling Course in India.jpg

Options Trading Course

Expert traders rely on options selling to make constant profits. Retail traders with small capital can use 'Open Interest' and 'Options Greeks' to make small profits from options buying.

You will learn different strategies in this course, along with accurate Open Interest - Options Interpretation. 

Intraday Trading Course

Intraday trading is a lucrative career for many youngsters and side hustlers as it provides many luxuries such as working from any place, no troubles from the boss.


However, it can be challenging for beginners and other traders. So, let us understand what intraday trading is and how it works.

Learn the right way of Intraday Trading here!

Indrazith Shantharaj

Know Your Trainer!

Indrazith Shantharaj is a full-time Trader and Author of a few Best-Selling books (declared by Amazon KDP 2021) related to the stock market.

You can check his books on Amazon and his trades on Twitter.


His answers have received over 10 Million+ views on Quora.


He uses market profile concepts, price action trading, and a few other technical analysis aspects for his trades.


You can read all his articles here.

For any queries, you can reach out here.

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