Stock Market Trading Online Courses in India (Beginners and Intermediate Level Traders) 2021

Intraday Trading Course

Intraday trading is a lucrative career for many youngsters and side-hustlers as it provides many luxuries such as working from any place, no troubles from the boss.


However, it can be challenging for beginners and other traders. So, let us understand what intraday trading is and how it works.

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Options Trading Course

Expert traders rely on different options trading strategies to make money. Whereas, newbies also get attracted to options trading as they treat options like a casino game.

The beauty of options trading is, it provides both the opportunities, i.e., 1) A consistent risk-free income and 2) High risk, massive profits in quick time.

You will learn different strategies in this course, starting from earning 5% income every month to different intraday techniques.

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Price Action Trading Course

Did you know that most of the technical indicators are derived from the price? Besides, price action trading plays a crucial role in all types of trading?

In price action trading, traders use only 'Price' and 'Volume' to make any trading decisions.

A fluctuation in the price will also bring variations in those indicators. Isn’t it? Then which is better to study? The PRICE, or Indicators? one can think for some time.

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Indrazith Shantharaj

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Indrazith Shantharaj is a full-time Trader and Author of a few Best-Selling books related to the stock market.

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