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Breakout/Breakdown Stocks from the NSE Segment

Instructions to use this Screener:

1) You can use this screener in two ways - a) On Your System by downloading the Excel Screener (link below) or b) checking the Breakout/Breakdown stocks on this page itself.

2) Please ensure the date is correct (You can't edit, but confirm it is set Last Trading Day)

3) Select the Arrow below Breakout Filter, unselect 'Select All', and then select only the 'Breakout' tab

Download Breakout Screener - Download

(Shortlists uptrending stocks) 

Download this Breakdown Screener - Download

(Shortlists downtrending stocks) 

You can also buy Breakout Trading Book - Buy here


Breakout Stocks (Uptrending Stocks)

Breakdown Stocks Downtrending Stocks)

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