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Banknifty Index weightage 2022 | NIFTY Bank Stocks List

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

The Banknifty (also known as NIFTY Bank) is one of the leading indexes in the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE). It is also known for its high liquidity in intraday trading.

The Banknifty consists of the top 12 listed Indian banks in NSE. NSE was the first exchange to provide an electronic trading system in India.

NIFTY Bank or Banknifty Stocks Weightage NSE India 2021

Banknifty Characteristics

Launch Date – 15/Sep/2003

Base Date – 01/Jan/2000

Base Value – 1000

Number of Stocks – 12

Methodology – Periodic Capped Free Float

Calculation Frequency – Daily

What are the stocks present in Banknifty?

Banknifty is made up of the top-12 most liquid companies from the banking sector and below is the list of 12 companies that constitute Nifty.

Banknifty Weightage NSE India 2021 (Stocks in Banknifty)

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Stock Selection Criteria in Banknifty

Below is the checklist to pick the stocks for Banknifty:

  • Companies should be a part of the Nifty-500

  • It should belong to the banking sector

  • The trading frequency should be above 90% in the last 6 months.

  • A minimum listing history of 6 months

  • It should be eligible for the F&O category

  • The final 12 companies will be decided based on free-float market capitalization

  • The weightage of single stock should not exceed more than 33%, and the combined weightage of top-3 stocks should not exceed 62%

  • Index rebalancing will be done on a semi-annual basis.

Banknifty Stocks List 2021

Banknifty Live Chart

Banknifty Live Chart

A live chart is essential to take intraday trades. There are many sources to get a live graph of Banknifty. Tradingview provides a simple and interactive live chart.

Banknifty Margin Details

As per NSE's new margin rules, from 1-June-2021, traders should keep 75% of the peak margin available with the broker.

By Sep 2021, the same rate goes to 100%, which means there is no extra leverage for intraday trading in Indian market conditions.

In other words, all brokers should collect a 100% margin from traders. None of the brokers will be able to provide any extra margin to intraday traders.

So, one can check the margin requirements with any broker, as mandated by SEBI. One can check the margin requirements with the below links

Banknifty Lot Size

NSE has reduced the lot size of Nifty F&O to 50 from 75 (effective from July 2021). However, the lot size of Banknifty remained the same at 25.

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Banknifty Intraday Trading Strategy

Below three parameters are essential to get success in any trading style.

  1. Trading System

  2. Risk Management

  3. Trading Psychology

Profitable Banknifty Trading Strategy

Opening Range Breakout (ORB) trading strategy is best suitable for Banknifty trading.

It gives the best results in bank nifty intraday trading.

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