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Best Stock Market Trading Mobile Apps in India 2022 | Profile Traders

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Do you know that the 2016-started 5paisa stockbroker already has over 5 million mobile app users, and 70% of the business comes from their mobile app compared to 30% from their desktop application?

After new margin rules by SEBI, the technology is the only criteria to compare all the stockbrokers as all of them should give the same leverage and most charge the same brokerage.

Due to this change, all the brokers have created/modified/updated their apps to stay top in the competition. However, because of many trading apps, traders can get some confusion to decide the best trading apps and brokers.

Hence, we have decided to shortlist the top-10 trading apps in the Indian market conditions.

Best Stock Market Trading Apps in India 2021

Table of Content

  1. Kite Zerodha App

  2. Moneycontrol App

  3. Upstox App

  4. Tradingview App

  5. Motilal Oswal App

  6. Angel Broking App

  7. ANT Mobi (Alice Blue) App

  8. 5paisa App

  9. Fyers App

  10. App

Best Stock Market Trading Apps in India 2021

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Kite Zerodha App

Kite Zerodha app is a tiny version of the Zerodha Kite trading platform, which comes with biometric access. One can enable fingerprint access in the settings tab after the login.

Kite App has two modes – 1) Light and 2) Dark

Image 1 – Zerodha Kite App modes (light and dark)
Image 1 – Zerodha Kite App modes (light and dark)

Traders can pick either the light mode or the dark mode based on their convenience.

Kite app also provides two charting options – 1) ChartIQ and Tradingview. By default Kite app will have chartIQ as its charting solution. But a trader can switch to tradingview to access the advanced features offered by tradingview.

Image 2 – Zerodha Kite App Pages (Profile - User Manual – Other Zerodha Apps)
Image 2 – Zerodha Kite App Pages (Profile - User Manual – Other Zerodha Apps)

Kite app is simple and effective to use. The profile tab lists all the useful references, including a link to back-office reports, user manual to use the app, and settings.

The user manual explains all the steps to use the app, and it also lists all the Zerodha related apps such as smallcase, sensibull, etc.

However, the kite app has two drawbacks – 1) It has received only 4.0* ratings in the play store, and 2) Margin details are missing in the app.

Zerodha Kite App Ratings & Reviews India 2021

Money Control App

Reliance-owned Money Control is another leading app used by most Indian traders. Initially started by Victor Fernandes and Sangeeta Fernandes, but E-18 (a subsidiary of the TV18 channel) acquired in 2000, and later, Reliance Ind take over TV-18.

In the last 10 years, moneycontrol has become India’s most prominent finance-related website with over 100 million+ views every month.

Image 3 – Money Control App Pages
Image 3 – Money Control App Pages

Moneycontrol’s home page displays the live reading of all the important indices of the Indian Market. Besides, it will also show the market movers, commodities, and currencies’ variation.

Its markets tab shows all the top gainers, losers, 52-week high & 52-week low stocks. In addition, its news tab gives all the valuable financial-related news to the readers.

Moneycontrol pro version comes with a fee of Rs.49 per month. In addition, the pro version provides an ad-free experience, interviews of successful traders, direct access to editors, and other helpful information.

Overall, it is a handy app for traders and investors. The only drawback is that many users faced issues with accessing the moneycontrol app for the first time. One has to clear the cache memory and restart the phone to access the app.

Moneycontrol App Rating & Reviews India 2021

Upstox App