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Sensibull Review 2021

Updated: 6 days ago

Options Trading is the most challenging game in the stock market to make easy money. But many traders fail to make money in options trading because most of them treat options trading as a lottery ticket.

Most traders buy either a call option (CE) or a put option (PE) to make some quick money at the end of the day. What they fail to realize is buying a naked CE, or PE has less probability of winning.

To become a successful options trader, one has to look for 3 aspects in trading:

  1. High probability of winning

  2. Losing less money if the logic fails

  3. A small to big profit if the logic get success

Many Options Trading Strategies help to achieve the above goal in aligning with the trading ideas.

But many traders face a tough time understanding these strategies, memorize these strategies, or implementing them in the live market.

Sensibull is India's first options trading platform, and it provides a one-stop solution to all these problems.

What is Sensibull Zerodha?

Sensibull is an independent company founded by Mr. Abid Hasan in 2018. Zerodha has invested 2.5 crore INR as a seed fund in Sensibull as part of their Rainmatter Program.

Sensibull's main aim is to help small traders who prefer to trade in the options segment. At the moment, it is integrated with Zerodha, Alice Blue, 5Paisa, ICICI Direct, Motilal Oswal, IIFL, and Angel Broking.

It means if a trader has a trading account with any of these brokers, then straightway, he can start using all the features of sensibull.

Sensibull Login

This is the login page of the Sensibull.

Image 1 – Sensibull Login Page

Their login looks like the above, and it displays all the supported brokers.

How is Sensibull Beneficial for Options Traders?

Sensibull has many attractive features which help traders in different ways. Some of them are listed below:

Strategies Engine – If a trader knows only the target level for a stock/index, it gives the best options strategy to implement. Hence, traders no need to worry about options greeks or finalizing one trading strategy among many options trading strategies.

Compare Options – If a trader is not sure about which the best options, he can compare them side by side.

Single Click Strategies Execution – Developing an options trading strategy is not enough. But one has to execute it with less gap. Otherwise, a delay in the execution changes the entire P&L equation of a trading strategy.

Sensibull provides one-click execution for all the options trading strategies, including spreads, butterflies, and condors.

Virtual Game Play – It also allows to manage trades virtually (paper trade) so that traders will get the confidence before implementing them in the live market.

Sensibull Strategy Builder

Sensibull provides a lot of options strategies if you have a trading idea on a stock or index.

Image 2 – Breakout in Glenmark Daily Chart

The above image shows a clear breakout of the resistance trendline in the Glenmark daily chart.

A trader aims 550 is an easy target for the current month expiry (still 20 days left).

If he enters these details in Sensibull, it gives all the possible trading strategies as shown below.

Image 3 – Different Options Strategies in Sensibull

Each row is an options strategy that provides all the required information like capital required, profit potential, % returns.

A trader can straightway opt for a trade from here or analyze the strategy further (if required) to get more clarity.

Image 4 (a) – Detailed Illustration of an Option Strategy in Sensibull

The above image shows how Sensibull displays all the required information about an option strategy.

Image 4 (b) – Order Placement Directly from Sensibull

If a trader is happy with the trading strategy, he can punch the orders directly from the Sensibull strategy terminal. There is no need to login into the broker's terminal, and it saves a lot of time and effort.

Sensibull Virtual Trading or Paper Trading

A trader might get a lot of emotional issues if they start trading directly in options.

Sensibull is sensible in this matter, and hence they provide a virtual trading facility for all the traders.

Image 5 – Virtual Trading in Sensibull

A trader needs to link his Google account (as per regulations) to take the paper trades on any strategy.

Sensibull Options Chain

Option chain consists of a listing of call and put options of an options instrument for various strike prices for the selected expiry period.

In this chain, strike prices are mentioned in the middle. On the left side, it will have the details for the call option, and on the right side, it will have the exact information for the put option.

Image 6 – Options Chain in Sensibull

Sensibull provides the complete OI buildup, real-time greeks, PCR, built-in event notification with excellent visualization.

Sensibull Screener

Nobody can imagine a stock market trading tool without a screener, and sensibull is not an exception.

Image 7 – Screener in Sensibull

Sensibull has a fantastic screener tool with so many options to shortlist.

Traders can shortlist the stocks using volume spike, % change in OI, long buildup, short buildup, upcoming events, PCR change, IV, etc.

Sensibull Plans and Pricing

Image 8 – Sensibull Plans

Sensibull provides a 7-days trial period for all users.

Later a trader can opt for either 'Lite' or 'Pro' plan (Rs.480 and Rs.640, respectively).

As compared to the features provided by Sensibull, these charges are very minimal.

Sensibull Alternatives

Sensibull provides many features at a lower cost. So, many traders might not look for other alternatives. But some of the other good players are Streak, TradeTron, Kuants, etc.


Along with the features mentioned above, Sensibull also provides many other attractive features like Social Trading, Following Expert trades, Multi-Strike OI, FII/DII Data, Open Interest (OI) Analysis, IV chart, etc.

Options Trading is a vast field, and many traders look at different parameters to make a trading decision.

Sensibull provides all the details with less price, so a trader can choose any required parameters to study further. Hence, it is a must tool if you are an options trader!

Read this article to know more about Options Trading and different options trading strategies.

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