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Algo Trading using Streak Zerodha Software for 2023 Indian Market

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

For most traders, discretionary Trading can be intimidating and time-consuming.

But those who do it right tend to share similar characteristics – "They spend time to pick the right knowledge and then allow money to make money."

Algorithmic Trading helps traders achieve this task, and Zerodha Streak is one of India's best platforms to manage the algo trades.

Zerodha Streak Algo Trading in India 2022


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How to do Algo Trading in Zerodha?

Zerodha is India's leading discount broker, which provides an excellent online trading platform at a lower cost to all retail traders. They are the most innovative and adoptive broker to ever-demanding market conditions in India.

Streak Zerodha is a cloud-based semi-automated algo-trading platform. It is one of the top-rated and widely used algo-trading platforms in India.

Any Zerodha user can log in to Streak Zerodha using Zerodha Kite credentials and explore the available algo-trading facility.

Similarly, any Upstox user can also log in to Streak using their login credentials.

Image 1 – Zerodha Streak Home Page
Image 1 – Zerodha Streak Home Page

By default, Zerodha Streak provides many trading strategies under the 'Strategies' tab.

A trader can use any strategy as it is after looking at the backtesting results or develop his own strategy by using any technical indicator along with any maths function.

What are the Features of Zerodha Streak?

Algorithmic Trading is the latest buzz in the trading community. But algo-trading demands good coding and programming knowledge to get the backtesting results, deploy in Trading, and manage the trades in the live market.

But Streak Zerodha is a semi-algo trading platform that provides algorithmic trading utilities without writing a piece of code.

Some of the crucial features are below:

  • Streak Zerodha is a cloud-based platform. Hence, there is no need to download and install any software. It supports all the browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

  • It helps to set up an algo-trading strategy through 3 critical steps – 1) Create a Strategy, 2) Backtest any stock/index, and 3) Deploy it for live Trading

  • It provides an interactive interface, and using this facility, traders can code and backtest their strategies without writing any code.

  • By default, it provides many trading strategies which are built by other traders. So a new trader can use them as it is or can fine-tune as per his requirements.

  • It supports all the widely used technical indicators to develop a strategy.

  • It also supports 'Scanner' and 'Paper Trading' facilities.

  • It is backed with a good quantity of historical data to facilitate effective backtesting.

  • A trader can include many stocks in the basket and view the backtesting results for all the included stocks.

  • Once the strategy is deployed, it triggers the trade automatically (when the conditions are met) and sends the notifications to the users.

Streak Zerodha Kite Login

Zerodha provides a simple login process using its Kite credentials across all its platforms. Streak Zerodha is no exception; any trader can log in to it using their Kite credentials.

<-- The login page to Streak looks like this


Zerodha Streak Scanner

Image 3 – Zerodha Streak Scanner
Image 3 – Zerodha Streak Scanner

It is a useful tool to discover the top-performing stocks based on the user's query. Traders can use the existing scanners, or they can create their own scanners.

Image 4 – Zerodha Streak Default Scanner List
Image 4 – Zerodha Streak Default Scanner List

It supports 1-min to Daily timeframe. Besides, traders can pick either a candlestick chart or a Heikin-Ashi chart to create a new scanner. It supports most of the widely used indicators along with the mathematical functions.

Zerodha Streak Algo Strategies

There are many default trading strategies present with Zerodha Streak. At the moment, the most popular trading strategy is 'MACD + ADX.'

Image 5 – Zerodha Streak MACD + ADX Strategy
Image 5 – Zerodha Streak MACD + ADX Strategy

The above image shows the entry criteria, exit criteria, and backtesting results.

Entry criteria – When MACD crosses above the MACD signal line and +DI is equal to or higher than the ADX line

Exit criteria – After 72 candle formation (i.e. 3.15 PM exit) or 15% stop-loss or 30% profit booking.

The cumulative backtested result (12 option instruments) indicates 174 winning trades out of 268 trades and a maximum drawdown of 33.88%.

Similarly, a trader can define his own trading strategy, backtest it across various trading instruments, and deploy it for live Trading if the strategy shows promising results.

A beginner can read Top-10 Trading and Investing Books if he is not aware of any good trading strategies.

Zerodha Streak Mobile App

This semi-algo trading platform is also available as a mobile app on both Android and Apple iPhone devices. The mobile app is simple to use, and it has all the features compared to the web version.

Image 6 – Zerodha Streak Mobile App Login Screen
Image 7 – Zerodha Streak Mobile App Features
Image 7 – Zerodha Streak Mobile App Features
Image 6 - Zerodha Streak Mobile App Login

It has 5 pages – 1) Home page, 2) Strategies, 3) Technicals, 4) Scanners, and 5) Profile page.

The home page displays the holding positions, order book, paper-trading, scanners, and a few educational tutorials to use the algo.

Streak Zerodha Support

Sometimes beginners need help to use the algo, and the Streak provides a separate help-page to assist.

One can also watch the Streak 3.0 Youtube Video to understand the basic features.

Streak Zerodha Advantages

Below are some of the advantages of Zerodha Streak:

  • There is no need to write one line code to build/backtest/deploy a strategy

  • Most of the algo software comes with a fat one-time cost. But Streak comes with a nominal monthly cost

  • It supports both intraday trading and swing trading

  • There is no need to buy the historical data as it has in-built data

  • The user interface is simple and attractive

  • There is no need to remember extra credentials as it accepts the Kite credentials

Streak Zerodha Disadvantages

Below are some of the disadvantages of Zerodha Streak:

  • It doesn't support advanced algo strategies

  • It doesn't support hedging strategies which include multiple instruments

Zerodha Streak Download

Zerodha Streak is available in two formats:

  • Web-based and

  • Mobile App

There is no need to download any software to use the web version. A trader can type in their browser and can start using it.

The Streak app is available on both Android and iOS devices. So mobile app users have to download the app to start using it.

Zerodha Streak Charges

It has different pricing plans to access more features. A free trial plan lasts for 7 days, and traders can access all the features in the trial period. Then they can decide the suitable plan for them.

Image 9 – Zerodha Streak Pricing Charges
Image 9 – Zerodha Streak Pricing Charges

It also offers discounts of up to 30% if you opt for a yearly package.

Other Algo Trading Softwares

Amibroker and Python are the other available algo trading software at the moment. A trader needs to depend on either Amibroker or Python if he prefers to use advanced algo strategies.

Please note both these software demands extensive coding efforts. Besides, we need to accommodate data feed cost, API bridge cost every month.


There is no doubt that algo-trading provides many advantages such as fast execution speed, no manual error, less screen time. But it comes with a cost every month.

Besides, algo-trading is not the final solution for your failure in Trading. Please note that switching off or switching on an algo strategy can also trigger a lot of emotions in your mind. It can only help you manage the trades with 100% discipline in rapidly changing market conditions by reducing human errors.

Are you new to trading and don't know any trading strategy?

Then you can take the below course to know many profitable intraday trading strategies.

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Thank you for this informative post on algo trading using the Streak platform with Zerodha and Upstox. Your insights into utilizing these platforms for algorithmic trading are invaluable for traders looking to automate their strategies. The step-by-step guide you've provided simplifies the process, making it accessible to traders of all levels. Keep up the great work! if you're interested in details on paper trading app, feel free to explore more.


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