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Do You Still Have a Job?

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Seeing people lose their jobs and be left with nothing (except a few loans) breaks my heart.

During this tough time, most companies try to save themselves first, and everything else comes next.

However, there is no need to blame them because that's the idea of CAPITALISM.

A few days back, I was discussing it with a friend. He was worried because he has lost the job, didn't have much savings, and had to pay a hefty EMI for his home loan every month.

After the discussion, he was relieved from the stress and had clear plans to execute it for the next few weeks.

It leads to the prime question on the table, "What is Stress"?

You can give any fancy definition of stress.

But the stress occurs, "When you are unable to manage either people, situations or your thought process."

Isn't it?

The Hidden Devils That Nobody Wants to Discuss!

Each one of us preserves some hidden devils on our minds. They will be troubling us all the time and are the primary route cause for our stress.

Some of those devils look like this –