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2 Terrible Things You Need to Fix Immediately If You Are A Trader!

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

A few months ago, I started teaching positional Breakout Trading to a small group of traders (consisting of both men & women) having different full-time jobs. Still, one thing in common was their passion for trading.

I had asked for two commitments from all of them:

  1. They will be learning and committed towards this course for 2-years

  2. They are not supposed to try any other trading method especially intraday trading

As most of you know, there are three major trading types in the market:

  1. Trend Following

  2. Trend Reversal, and

  3. Breakout

I had chosen Breakout Trading, as it works well in most market conditions, except downtrend.

I had designed my course for small retail traders who have less capital.

Hence they are supposed to take only "Long" trades in the cash market as per the setup.

It's because we can't carry positional short trade in the cash market in India, and taking trades in the future or options don't fit under the money management rule.

This course was initiated before the pandemic. Everyone completed the initial learning and assignments. They started taking trades, and they were in the right direction.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 issue started, and markets began falling. Nifty (Indian NSE Index) has corrected around 40%. This fall also had an impact on their trading.