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One Must Avoid These 6 Mistakes to Make Money in the Stock Market!

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Make Money: Don’t Lose Your Hard-Earned Money!

Over 90% of the traders lose money in the stock market” — this is the first statement I heard when I started learning to trade a decade back. I am sure most of the new traders will listen to this statement many times from pro-traders.

6 Trading Mistakes Committed by Beginners
6 Trading Mistakes Committed by Beginners

But I have not seen any research paper that proves this number right. However, I feel the actual figure is much higher, with my experience being a trader and mentor.

Instead of wasting time over this debate, I would like to list a few significant reasons why people lose money in the market. I honestly admit that I have committed all the mistakes personally, lost money, and learned a lesson not to commit these mistakes to stay alive in the market.



  • Gambling Mindset

  • Trading based on NEWS

  • Hopping across Different Strategies

  • Bad Money Management

  • Dealing with Penny Stocks

  • Averaging Down Strategy

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Gambling Mindset

Many people consider trading is another form of gambling and take their trades without any logical reasons. In one of his articles, world-famous Trader Ed Seykota said, ‘Everybody gets what they want out of the Market.’

If a person looks for thrill or excitement, I am sure the market will provide an enormous joy and excitement but at a HUGE COST!

My advice is to try some other method to satisfy your mind if you fall into this category.