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Top-7 Books on Options Trading - Basics & Advanced Strategies 2022

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

Anyone can generate some constant returns every month through options if they have an open mind to understand the basics of options.

Surprisingly most traders deploy only 'call buy' or 'put buy' strategies which have only 33.3% winning probabilities in trading.

I have seen many successful options traders who continuously generate profits with simple options strategies by taking the time decay (theta) parameter in their favor. The introduction of weekly options in Indian markets helped all these traders.

Let's walk through Top-6 books on options trading to explore the basics of options trading, options trading strategies, and techniques to deploy in 2021 markets.

Best Options Trading Books for Beginners in India 2021 -

Popular Topics

1 - The Options Playbook

Author – Brian Overby

Usually, many options trading books explain some options strategies at the surface level. However, this book provides an in-depth explanation of each strategy's options strategies and different perspectives.

This book starts with an overview of definitions and what types of options (calls/puts) are suitable for various kinds of traders. But it stands out with a detailed explanation of each strategy and which kind of trader should consider any strategy.

All the strategies are explained with large images which are easy to read and understand. In addition, there are many handmade notes; simple day-to-day examples are included to explain many strategies that help a novice understand the concepts better.

Usually, a payout diagram is mandatory to understand the various characteristics of an option strategy, and this book serves the purpose wonderfully well.

Besides, it also explains with apparent bullet points regarding trade setup, who should opt for it (beginners or experts), in which market conditions to run it (bull, bear, or sideways), and the possible outcome of a strategy.

The book's only drawback covers many strategies that demand significant capital. Otherwise, it is a beautiful book for every options trader!

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2 - Options Trading Crash Course

Author - Frank Richmond

This is a simple options guide for beginners. It is very short, simple, and precise, explaining some vital options strategies.

The exciting aspect of the book is that the author has made every important minute topic a separate chapter. For example, an individual chapter for 'Volatility,' 'Strike Price selection,' 'Time Value,' etc.

It starts with the basic concepts of options and explains why a trader should look to trade in options when they have the choice of trading in other instruments (equity and futures).

It breaks down everything an investor needs to know about options trading to generate some constant returns from their portfolio.

The only drawback is that it would have been a little longer. However, so many people like the narration and understand the concepts clearly; by the time they are eager to learn more, this book makes an ending.

But it is a definite one-time read book if you are a beginner, if you lack a basic understanding of options, or if you have not been convinced why a trader should try options trading.

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3 - Definitive Guide to Advanced Options Trading

Author – Rohit Katwal

Many options traders deploy only non-directional trading strategies, and they rely upon firefighting techniques to manage their positions if something goes wrong.

Firefighting is an excellent technique to manage and save our positions if the price moves in the opposite direction as compared to our original prediction.

But firefighting should be kept as a last resort for two reasons – 1) It brings a lot of emotions, and 2) A tiny mistake can wipe out the entire capital.

So it is always better to use some technical analysis concepts to decide the direction and magnitude of the underlying instrument to take the options trade (directional strategy).

In this book, the author has used many such technical concepts to decide the direction of the underlying instrument and along with some firefighting examples, making this book a lethal combo for Indian traders.

It is a must-read book if you are a trader based in India and interested to trade in options!

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4 - Options Trading for Dummies

Author – Joe Duarte

Undoubtedly it has been one of the popular books on options trading for many years. The new version of the book contains many new chapters to explain the recent dynamic behaviors of the market along with updated charts, statistics, and strategies.

It has well-organized content and explanation, even for a person with knowledge of technical analysis. It helps a person to pick the right strategy for him with the help of a description of the costs and benefits of each strategy.

The title may be confusing for some people. But it is a wonderful book if a person has a basic understanding of technical analysis.

However, it may not be suitable if a person is new to the stock market (in fact, options trading itself is not suitable for novice people).

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5 - The Option Trader's Hedge Fund

Author – Dennis A. Chen and Mark Sebastian

What will happen if a hedge fund manager and an options trading coach work together? The outcome is this beautiful book which shows how to earn a steady yet reliable income using options selling strategies.

This book is packed with many real-world examples to demonstrate how to create your own small hedge fund by applying the basic framework model of insurance companies. It is a feast for any trader who has the basic knowledge of options and wants to earn constant income.

It is the first book that addresses risk management issues for traders holding a portfolio of options.

The motto of the book is simple – if a trader is interested in constant income from options, then he needs to consider his options portfolio as a business.