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Stock Market Courses

Our education system has two flaws – 1) It doesn’t test intelligence, and 2) It doesn’t teach anything about stock market trading.

Even a person who graduates from top colleges in India will have to depend on stock market courses conducted by successful traders to learn the basics of the stock market.

Options Trading Online Course

Options Trading Online Course Bangalore
Options Trading Online Course Fee in Ban


  1. Introduction to Options

  2. A Simple Strategy to Earn 5% Every Month

  3. Different Options Strategies

  4. Responsive Trading System (RTS) for Options

Before introducing NSE Margin rules, traders were allowed to buy/sell 1 lot of Banknifty even with a small deposit of 20-25K.

But now, because of the increased capital requirement, many traders are clueless about managing their intraday trades. As a result, ROI is reduced drastically for most intraday traders.

Many traders started doing only options buying (because of the less capital requirement). But it has a success ratio of less than 33.33% due to time-decay issues, and one will lose his entire capital after some days.

Some traders shifted to options selling. But it looks good with most of the cases. But one wrong trade can wipe out all the profits and entire trading capital.

Options Trading Strategies is the only way to survive the current market conditions and to beat the new SEBI Margin rules as an intraday trader.

Intraday Trading Online Course

Intraday Trading Online Course in Bangal
Intraday Trading Online Course Fee in Ba


  1. Introduction to Intraday Trading

  2. Market Profile Basics

  3. Initiative and Responsive Activities

  4. Day Structures and Open Types

  5. Market Sentiment

  6. 4 Intraday Systems

  7. Money Management Rules

Many traders argue that intraday trading doesn’t work.

I have a simple question for them.

Do they know how to drive a formula-1 car? What will be their answer?

Do they say, “I don’t know how to drive a formula-1 car” or “formula-1 car doesn’t work”?

The same logic applies to intraday trading as well, right?

If they don’t know how to make money in intraday trading, then they should say, ‘I don’t know how to take profitable intraday trades.’

Do you agree?

Intraday Trading is only a type of trading in which you have to close the trade on the same day. If you are right, you make money, and if you are wrong, you lose money.

Free Stock Trading Course for Beginners

The current world changed a lot.

With a bank deposit, investing in gold, you can't beat the inflation.

Real Estate demands more money and risky as well.

So, what's the remaining option?

The answer is, "STOCK MARKET!"

If you are a beginner, take this course to enhance your knowledge.

Free Stock Market Courses for Beginners

Know Your Instructor

Indrazith Shantharaj

Indrazith Shantharaj is a full-time intraday trader and author of many best-selling books. 

His answers have received over 2.6 Million+ views on Quora.

He uses market profile concepts, price action techniques, and different options strategies to manage his trades.

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Mind Markets and Money
Price Action Trading Book by Indrazith S
Trade and Grow Rich
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