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Tradingview Charts - A Guide to Backtesting, Screener, Alerts, and Crypto Pricing

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

After getting over a million active monthly users without any advertising budget in a month in 2016, Tradingview has not looked back. The investment of $37 million on Tradingview by the investment firm Insight Venture Partners in 2018 indicates that the TechStars Westerville headquartered Tradingview is on the right track. Its vital success started when it started to share its data visualization capabilities with Investopedia for free, which helped gain exposure worldwide, according to the Builtinchicago report.

Verify any technical trading concepts in Investopedia, and there will be many charts and representations given by Tradingview.

Tradingview Chart in Investopedia
Image 1 – Tradingview Chart in Investopedia

Majority of the Tradingview’s functionality is available for free users, which drives an insane amount of traffic. If a serious trader needs additional features such as multiple charts in one screen, or a customized timeframe (like 3 min or 7 min timeframe), they can opt for membership ranging from $15 to $60 (USD) per month.

This article aims to explain some of the crucial features of Tradingview and how it can solve many problems in traders’ life.

Table of Contents

Tradingview Charts

CryptoCurrency Charting in Tradingview

Tradingview Paper Trading

Tradingview Screener

Tradingview Back Testing

Tradingview Alerts

Tradingview App

Tradingview Blog

What Makes Tradingview Special?

Tradingview Plans

Disadvantages with Tradingview


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Tradingview Charts

Tradingview has customized URLs for different countries. For example, ‘Tradingview India’ can be accessed with and ‘Tradingview Japan’ can be accessed with, and ‘Tradingview France’ can be accessed with