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Options Trading Guide eBook

Updated: May 20, 2021

Options Trading Guide with Strategies PDF eBook


Do you believe only FIIs and big players can play option trading strategies?

Are you having a tough time understanding options jargon and different strategies?

Traders love to read and discuss options and many trading strategies using options.

But most of them don’t find all the information in one source and face a hard time digesting all the information.

Options trading is one of the most exciting and rewarding cases in the stock market.

Many traders think options trading is all about buying Call Options (CE) when you expect the price will go up and buying Put Options (PE) when you expect a fall in the price.

But options trading is more than that!

Read Options Trading Guide eBook to learn the options basics and 5 important strategies in options.


Why Trade in Options?

What is an Option?

Know the Jargons in Options Trading

Long vs. Short Options

ITM, ATM, and OTM in Options

Options Greeks

How to Trade Options?

Importance of Time Decay

Importance of Strike Price

Trading Strategy #1 – Covered Call

Trading Strategy #2 – Long Straddle

Trading Strategy #3 – Short Straddle

Trading Strategy #4 – Iron Condor

Trading Strategy #5 – Credit Spread

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