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How To Take Trades In Different Trading Accounts In ONE CLICK?

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

I take both discretionary trades and automated trades.

I use Amibroker for my automated trades. For discretionary trades, I watch either Gocharting charts or Amibroker charts to make my trading decision.

A few years ago, I had a small problem.

I had many accounts with different brokers, and I didn't know how to place the same orders (at the same time) across other trading accounts.

Logging into each broker account after seeing my trade setup was practically difficult.

But 'Autotrader Web' solved this problem. Now I can place the same orders simultaneously across different trading accounts (both discretionary and automated).

How to take trade in multiple accounts (different brokers) at a single time in one system (one API for all brokers)

What is Autotrader Web?

Autotrader Web is a broker independent trading software suite. It supports both 'manual' and 'automated' forms of trading.

It facilitates trade and helps to manage multiple trading accounts across different stocks brokers (ex Zerodha, Upstox, 5-Paisa, etc) from a single system.

API stands for Application Program Interface (API is nothing but a set of formulas or rules for 2 software components to communicate with each other).

Trading API means a set of rules related to placing the new orders, modifying the orders, managing portfolio, etc. This is specific to each broker.

Many brokers charge different amounts to access their API. For example, Zerodha charges Rs.2,000 to access its API services.

Autotrader Web Architecture Diagram (by Stock Developer)
Autotrader Web Architecture Diagram

Autotrader web provides 'Broker Independent Trading APIs for multi-broker accounts.

Broker Independent API means a similar API that has the capability to perform all the functions of a trading API across multiple brokers without any code change.

If a trader uses this, then there is no need to purchase an API subscription from any other stockbroker.

It also helps in automated trades. Most of the traders don't know how to make a direct HTTP call to a trading account.

But this product has inbuilt API libraries for Amibroker, Excel, Metatrader, Java, Python, .Net, etc. So, an algo trader can use these in-built API libraries to trigger his trades across various accounts.

A discretionary trader can simply use an excel sheet and related API to trigger his trades across different accounts.

How to Set Up Autotrader Web?

It is easy to set up Autotrader web for your accounts.

Step 1 - Register on the auto trader website (they provide 15 days trial).

Step 2 - Add all your trading accounts (Settings -> Trading Accounts).

Step 3 - Download and install the Autotrader client software.

Step 4 - Take the API key from the server and copy it to the client.

Step 5 - If you are an algo trader, use the respective API library (Amibroker or Python, etc). If you are a discretionary trader, use the excel API library.

Step 6 - Open the Autotrader client before the market opens and select the 'Start' option. All the trading activities will be logged in the client.

Step 7 - After the closure of the market, you can 'Stop' the client and close the application.

The below videos are helpful.

To know more about Autotrader web, please watch the below video:

If your requirement is to manage trades in multiple accounts through Amibroker, then watch the below video:

To know more about Group Accounts, please watch the below video:

Cost For Autotrader Web?

For every new account, the system provides a 15-days free trial period.

It costs only Rs.500/month for one account.

For each additional account, the system charges Rs.395/month.

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What is Intraday Trading?

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