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Price Action Trading Book 

What is Price Action Trading?

'Price Action Trading' is a trading technique in which a trader reads the market and makes subjective trading decisions based on the price movements, rather than relying on technical indicators or other factors.

In simple words, traders use only 'Price' and 'Volume' to make any trading decisions.

Breakout Trading Book 

How to differentiate a genuine breakout from a false breakout?

It's important to understand two herds that exist in the market:

1. Smart Money and
2. Dumb Money

'Smart Money' refers to big sharks who have money and information power to move the markets.

Do you agree that it's always a good idea to follow smart money?

Market Profile Intraday Trading Book

How to make money in intraday trading using Market Profile?

Day Trading is the most debated and misunderstood topic in the trading community.

It is only a type of trading in which you have to close the trade on the same day.


If you are right, you make money, and if you are wrong, you lose money.

Beginners Guide to Stock Market Trading

How to learn Stock Market Trading from the scratch?

Trade and Grow Rich teaches how to learn trading with candlestick charts.

This is one of the finest stock market books for beginners.


Along with indicators, this book also gives its unique explanation of price action trading.

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